Today it’s this year’s first running of the Wengen Abendlauf. This translates as ‘evening run’. It’s a race around the paths of Wengen, and it’s a distance of almost 8 kilometres with lots of steep climbs. This is way beyond my capabilities at the moment, but I paused for a selfie under the starting banner.

In any case, I’ve already had my run today – a nice half-hour jog along the valley down in Lauterbrunnen. My training does have a purpose though, as Val and I are already signed-up for the Jungfrau mini-marathon at the beginning of September. Tonight we went to a super barbecue at James and Julie’s. Despite the unseasonably cold temperatures we had a great time.

The winner of the Abendlauf (Jerome Furer from Frutigen) completed the course in 29 minutes, which is insane. Even at full fitness it would take me double that time. Then again, I’m 63 years old, and Jerome is a youthful 25.

Everyday life

Beves and Ibe at the Sunstar on Sunday night. Great show, and this will be a regular event this summer.

Our neighbours are having an extension built. Delivery of the building materials gets a bit noisy!

Val has had 2 appointments at the eye clinic in Interlaken this week. Very nice view from the waiting area, watching the steamers come and go.

We had a few beers in Rocks on the way back from Interlaken, and a gourmet dinner (fish & chips) from Santos.

Run run run

It’s a warm, sunny day, and I’m due a run. Val’s leg is good enough for her to accompany me for a hike in the valley. After yesterday’s rain, the waterfalls are pretty spectacular.

Weekends are always busy, and this one’s no exception. The train back up to Wengen was packed. When we arrived we bought ice creams from David and sat on the Hubel in the sunshine.

Pub later.


Val was at the hairdresser yesterday afternoon, and afterwards we had dinner at the Eiger. Steaks, absolutely dripping with herby butter.

We popped into Rocks for cocktails afterwards, before setting off for home. Today has been overcast with lots of rain, though I did manage to get up to the village this morning without getting a soaking. There are 100 very wet sheep in the meadows below us, and they have my sympathy.


It’s a warm day, and we had a short thunderstorm this morning just as I was walking back from the Co-op. Just before lunchtime, we got the bus along the valley to Stechelberg. The road ends here – if you want to go further there are many walks, but no more public transport.

Stechelberg is very pretty, and it’s deservedly popular with walkers and cyclists.

We couldn’t resist lunch at the restaurant.

A short walk away is a small hydro-electric power station with a nature reserve. We spot tadpoles in the pond.

There are also large numbers of dragonflies, in particular these vivid blue ones. Subsequent research indicates they are common blue damselflies.

A nice day out. There’ll be more thunderstorms this evening. Our challenge is to get up to Rocks without getting soaked.

Technical changes

Apologies for the lack of updates on these pages for the last week or two. I’ve been moving all my stuff to a new internet host, and it’s taken a little time to get 15 years worth of photos and commentary across. Normal service will soon be resumed.

We’re in the U.K. until next week, more Swiss stories coming soon!