Uptown Lights

The race weekend is over, and last night we had a treat. Beves and Ibe have a gig at the Sunstar.

It was a great evening, and hopefully it will be a regular event.

I need some jeans. Interlaken is hopeless for this sort of thing, so we’re off to the nearby city of Thun. There’s some lovely gothic stuff in the old town.

The city is dominated by the mountains,

and by the castle, which towers over surrounding plains.

We had a nice lunch, and I got a couple of pairs of jeans.

The big day

It’s Lauberhorn Saturday, which is Switzerland’s equivalent of the FA Cup final in England. Wengen is packed, but once the spectators begin to make their way out to the course we pop up to the village. Today’s air show begins.

We enjoyed watching the show, which always ends with 2 planes making a heart over the valley.

The big race was won by an Austrian, which never goes down well here. We were happy to watch it on TV – you don’t actually see much out on the course – just a colourful figure flashing past once every couple of minutes.

All the racers got down safely, and the pilot of the rescue helicopter was not required. He did get this lovely picture though.

Slalom tomorrow, featuring Great Britain’s Dave Ryding.

Get this party started

Yesterday evening we popped into Paul and Anne-Marie’s place for drinks and nibbles. Anne-Marie is the Wengen selfie queen.

Across the road from their balcony, everything is ready for a huge party over the weekend.

Today there’s another race, and another race means another air show.

Crowds gather at Wengernalp.

The lovely weather continues, and it was a lot less cold today.

A day at the races

It’s time for the first International Lauberhorn race of 2022. Of course we begin with an air show.

The Italian team. They’re in competition with the French when it comes to fashionable outfits.

The winner, Marco Odermatt from Switzerland, can just be seen flashing by. It’s quite difficult to get a photo when the skier is doing 60 miles per hour.

The slalom race is on Sunday. The course is ready.

Lunch, at Männlichen. It’s the first time this season that it’s been warm enough to eat outside.

More racing tomorrow.


I’m off to Interlaken today, as I need new ski boots. Val took the visiting Telford folk over to Mürren. Coffee at Sonnenberg.

View of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, from the top.

Jude and Val on the ‘Thrill Walk’, a glass-floored walkway around the cliffs.

But that’s not scary enough for Steve – he walks across a net floor.

There’s a James Bond museum up here. Jude and Julia in 007’s bobsled.

Pretty good views from almost 10,000 feet.

More sunny weather to come, apparently.

Training for the race

More skiing with the Telford people today. Ali has a brand new pair of skis to try.

The first training runs for the big race took place today. Helicopters on standby in case of accidents.

And off we go again, after coffee.

A nice day out, in glorious sunshine.

Skiing, Telford style

The group visiting from Telford haven’t been here before, so today we showed them around the ski area at Kleine Scheidegg. Here they come.

As you can see, it was a bit gloomy early on. We stopped at Brandegg for coffee, and got a group photo before our train arrived.

We finished off with a lap of the Lauberhorn, before heading home for lunch.